Friday, June 20, 2014

Green is my favourite color

"Green mosaic" earrings
(fired at 1000 degrees celsius with black pigment underglaze effects)

"Green mosaic" ring
(fired at 1000 degrees celsius, with black pigment underglaze effects)
 I often wonder why I choose this color everytime I have to glaze some pieces!
 I am drawn to it automatically, it is always my first choice for several years now and I love to experiment with it firing the pieces at different temperatures or adding another glaze to change the intensity or opacity.
I will read about this green addiction even thought I don't mind using it forever & ever.

"Emerald green swirls" earrings
(fired at 1200 degrees celsius)

"Aquamarin circles" earrings
(fired at 1000 degrees celsius with an added clear glaze)

"Green branches" earrings
(fired at 1150 degrees)

"Green lake" ring
(fired at 1000 degrees celsius)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Black on white drawings

I love her works, simple, everyday objects and things made in porcelain with details in black, with the appereance of black and white drawings.It is as if the objects become alive from a still life drawing.