Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Cluj Napoca international ceramics biennale

There is a big ceramic event coming in Cluj Napoca theese days, an international ceramics biennale, it will be the first edition and is showing both international and romanian contemporary ceramic artists.
I am really excited about this event and I intent to give it a visit during the period it will be held,between october 8 and november 3. It is a big event for the romanian artistic scene and is the next big step after the creation of the newest online ceramic platform, the ceramicsnow , the staff at this magazine already organised various exhibitions here in Romania, both in Bucharest and in Cluj Napoca and other cities.
Check the web site :  ceramicsbiennale  and if you are from Cluj Napoca or visiting between october and november stop by, it will be a delight for your eyes and heart if you love ceramics as much as I do.

Here are some of the pieces exhibited
I will update soon with more pictures.

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