Thursday, January 9, 2014

White silhouettes

Alb din nou, poate din lipsa zapezii care nu se arata inca aici in Romania si careia ii simt absenta. Am descoperit piesele artistei Susan Nemeth realizate dupa schite de dicteu automat reconturate pe care le modeleaza liber in familii de forme. Imi place modeleul delicat ce pastreaza amprenta constructiei formei si albul pur ales care subliniaza siluetele.

White again, maybe because I crave after some snow (hopefully it will come this month here in Romania)
 I found these hand build ceramic pieces all in crisp white porcelain by artist and designer Susan Nemeth who is working after unconscious drawings reworked and modeled each different from the other but forming a family with the same features.

via Susan Nemeth 

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