Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn landscapes

 As the autumn unfolds its magical colors I find the works of Pippin Drysdale to be the perfect translation  for the colors and sensations this season has to offer.
I love the intricate details and the subtle tones that result after a laborious work. It almost seems to me like a meditative process following the contemplation stage.

"Drysdale thinks of the development of each series of her vessels, in this case the Tanami series, as a journey back to the sensations and colours that she first experienced traveling through the landscape, engaging with it at a distance and at close quarters.
Both dream and memory are therefore intense fragments of sensation, pattern and colour.
There is no picture, no composition no cipher for the land as whole. There are merely sensations so intense that they can act as a detailed guide to the form of each vessel, to the quality of glazes, the dry, dense or silky surface and the patterns and shadows that fall across it...
...These passionate eidetic memories guide her every move in the studio. Her greatest work happens at the moment that they become the subconscious core of the piece.
All her preparation and research is merely the road to this moment." David Bromfield

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